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A fleshed out story, one you just might want to read.

  1. Internet Evanescence

    What to do about a world that forgets

  2. Lies Under Oath: "App Store Levels Playing Field and Supports Developers"

    A comprehensive analysis of Apple’s purported fairness from a developer’s perspective.

  3. Npm Install Everything, and the Complete and Utter Chaos That Follows

    how one little joke can get so, so out of hand

  4. Bridging the Gap Between Swift & Rust

    Using UniFFI to call rust functions from my SwiftUI codebase

  5. Here Are the 1000 Most Common Words Across 1 Million Love Letters

  6. My Notes on Speed

    the nitty gritty of making (static) websites really fast that they didn’t teach you in school.

  7. Be(ing)fake

  8. Lastpass Is Worse Than You Think

    How does it live on?

  9. Deleting My CSS for a Day

    On April 9th, I deleted my CSS. It was a huge learning opportunity

  10. A Non Exhaustive Guide to Privacy Focused Analytics

    A list of “privacy” focused analytics with evaluations for each one

  11. A Cool Use for CSS Variables

    How I added dynamic coloring to my website, and how you can too.

  12. 11ty Aliases the Right Way

    One of the biggest mysteries to man… How 2 redirect in 11ty!?

  13. Zero Maintenance Taxonomies in 11ty

    Taxonomies in 11ty have always been hard. Sure, we have collections, but for when we want advanced features like categories and authors, it all falls apart. I found a solution. Introducing taxonomies that work so well they feel (almost) native!

  14. When Banks Fail

    When a country is airgapped and income streams run dry, what is left?

  15. Github Considered Harmful

    Is GitHub commited to pulling people in the wrong direction?
    ba dum tis

  16. Astro's Honeymoon Phase

  17. Standing Out

    Skiing, the crowds, and overdoing it.

  18. You're Being Manipulated by Interledger

    Look ma, I found a fake charity!

  19. Community Values

    Is it possible to build a digital utopia?
    Yes, probably.
    My handbook for guiding communities.

  20. Brave Is Not an Ethical Browser

    Attacks on Brendan Eich and his potential motivations for making a browser.

  21. A Domain, Much More

  22. Why?

    Starting my digital garden, or, hello world.

  23. Syncthing

    A showcase of syncthing for everything!

  24. Khan