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Mac I never thought I would buy a mac but I did and then installed llinux Also a ton of stickers!- I’m carrying a compass and a armin][no]] 700, I’m very happy with the investment (although I wish there was more competition)

  • I’m carrying two tin cans of goodies (many other things in these I can’t be assed to write down)
    • The camp box
      • Flint+Steel
      • Fishing hook + more thread
      • Thermite
      • Superglue
    • The med box
      • Coleman Family First Aid Kit as base, has changed significantly. As I can remember
          • Tweezers, More Gauze, Thread + Needle + ibuprofen
  • Also a headlamp
  • I’m carrying a hammock unironically
  • 100ft of tightly wound rope strong enough to carry me
  • 3x carabiners, nice to have
  • Playing cards

Carrying many things from [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PvVg4RYaSuU],

  • Originally had some [letherman], switched to the wave plus model after seeing the screwdriver
  • I’m using a [oneplus 5] for my server needs
  • The doomsday drive is a great idea, I made my own from 2tb
    • ISOs
      • Linux
        • Arch
        • Ubuntu (For when I realize during dooms day I don’t want to install arch)
        • GParted
    • Software I need
      • Vim
      • ZSH
      • i3
      • Libre Office
      • Strawberry Music
      • VLC
    • Other binaries
      • Compilers
        • Python
        • Node
        • Deno
        • Rust
        • C
    • My entire music collection
    • Some photos I like
  • The [Expandable Ethernet Cable] has been shipped!
  • I’m rocking [Sony WH1000XM4]s (used to rock the 2s)
    • Also the [Sony WF1000XM4]s but I need to order silicon buds

For writing, I have

  • Some [Frixion Pilot] erasable gel pens in a few colors
  • Also [Pentel Twist Erase] 0.7mm mechanical pencils + lead
  • [Rite in the Rain] Hard Cover Notebook