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I hate that i love piracy


Note, this post discuses illegal things that may make some readers feel uncomfortable - but is fair game under Not Included

I can afford to subscribe to Spotify, I can afford to pay for books, and so I try. But whenever I choose to go the ethical route I find myself disappointed and unrewarded. The fact of the matter is piracy offers a better user experience, and as a consumer I seek it.

I suppose the core issue is I find it silly that when I pay for something, I actually end up with less freedom to use it as I please. I can import DRM free books onto my Kobo, but whenever I buy a book, I find I can not use it in all the ways I want to (I use KoReader to read ebooks). Same goes for music - I enjoy listening via MusicBee, but suddenly once I actually decide to go back to paying (Spotify) I can’t use the solution I like best for the thing i’m paying for!

For as long as DRM exists, I will continue to pirate. Not because I can’t afford to pay, but because piracy gives me more freedoms.