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Iphones won't work for me


The apple experience is the selling point of the iPhone. The software is fleshed out, the updates last a long time, everything just works. I owe apple credit for this. Despite my Warm feelingsish for Android, I would be lying if I said the iPhone ecosystem has not tempted me, and I would by lying if I told you that it won’t continue to tempt me. Still, despite it’s appeal, I simply can’t justify buying an iPhone.

Consumption Culture

iPhones are trendy

Proprietary culture

Anyone who installs closed source jailbreak mods on their iPhone has gone out of their mind. Why is this ok?

No escape hatch

Y’all enjoy running propitiatory apps with sudo. I got fdroid, a place to find apps I agree with. These apps don’t track, don’t have ads, and are generally better then their propitiatory counterparts in features, just they don’t blow it on marketing

*No really

Good luck sideloading. Be here when you give up.

Wait… You mentioned jailbreaking

Android aint a saint when it comes to this but no way it’s worse.

Meh Apps


I installed termux and spinned up a HTTP server that I used my own wiregaurd vpn to connect to. Later that week I checked a friend’s DNS on the go with dig


Due to apple’s locked down nature I can’t use SyncThing to sync my obsidian graph