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What i want to see in lemmy (1)


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Once legendary, for one reason or another these nodes fell from fame. For historic reasons, I keep them around, but heed my advice and never take them at face value, even if your life depends on it!

I agree, but at the same time there are other bigger problems to address before, at least in my book.

Things like

  1. How can we make the federated Lemmy more seamless? The in message community mentioning syntax, for instance, could use refinement
  2. How can we support different languages better?
  3. Is it possible to avoid the space for radicles that comes with federated platforms while still maintaining the values that a federation stands for?
  4. Working out minor quirks that lower trust, like the 502 page when logging out, randomly being logged out until you reload, no css occasionally, and the free .ml domain for the flagship instance

Than, how can we attract users, specifically from different countries?

The first thing that comes to mind before advertising is attracting other communities from Reddit, but why would they come? Voat attracted members because the alt right was unwelcome on reddit, but most communities dont find a huge need to switch, even if they feel things could be better. The one exception is the privacy/Foss community, but it’s a small one and perhaps not the best Target audience, let alone one of many nationalities.

If the above paragraph was somehow an attraction plan despite no internationality, some more issues would need to be ironed out:

  1. can we offer reddit import?
  2. can we make a compelling offer for everyone
  3. can we have an attractive landing page

In line with 3, I think at some point some branding consideration is needed, ie

Lemmy: a world for everyone

With an illustration of stuff being shipped between different planets, one covered in flowers, another in factories and tech, and one more with ???

As an idea.

I am interested in your strategy ideas for growth. While I am rambling, worth noting that a democracy system is my long term dream, although far off in the pipeline

One final note, I have a tad bit of experience in rust and have read the book. I might be interested in seeing if I can help out at all? (My schedule is super wonky)