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Rust rolling review


Day one (why I’m learning rust): I hope that once I learn rust I Will be writing the most preformant code possible. If I really want to, I would use C, but I have heard that on top of the abundantly performant code, rust provides a great developer ecosystem.

PenPen's Note: this review is often negative, however, this is not because Evan hates Rust, it’s actually Evan’s favorite programming language. Humans rarely write about the exceptionally good, we really like complaining.

PenPen's Note: by rolling review, it is meant new points are added, removed, and updated.


Great learning ecosystem

There are lots of resources, the best ones being free and actively maintained (The rust book).

Assumptions about project structure is very annoying.

Coming from python where I could run python main.py, I was frustrated to see I could not simply run cargo main.rs. There are extensions that add this functionality but they are annoying and all have their flaws as well. They work by creating a cargo project hidden away somewhere and abstracting it. When you use these tools, you lose the ability to import files. It’s a monofile.

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