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For me


I already explained why I love syncthing, but one limitation is both devices must be online to sync, so this often happens:

sexy art I know

Having a server means the phone can sync to that server, and then when the computer goes online and the phone offline the computer can still sync.

For friends and me

Hosting projects (many low traffic node, rust, and python servers)

Host backends I write independent of my computer, so they are available when ever me or a friend needs them. Nothing high traffic in this section, but involves some MySQL and such. Mostly node, some rust.

For the world, me, and my friends

Photo hosting (Lychee)

My photos are a large part of me, and I would like to have public galleries to share with not only my photography teacher, but anyone I give the link to.

The software I use has password protected galleries support, so I can have fully public ones, and a special gallery for class, for my family, and for me.

A wonderful replacement for Google #photos, because it is no longer free

Drive (NextCloud)

I want to host a small file server that allows me to have public, unlisted, and password protected areas. In most cases, Google drive is appropriate, but occasionally drive.boehs.io/coolfile.png would be nice, to make it clear that information is by me. I really hate NextCloud, but it’s the best option.

Website Hosting (Digital Garden)

Serving static website that has my notes


Because I am hosting this shit from my own wifi, security is important.


Can’t get better than this, free and hides my IP from scary DoS and Doxx

Some tips