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😖 Unstable

Updating at the speed of light, blink once and a word could be gone! These nodes are eratic, unstable, dangerous, but that's why they are fun.

I would like to reenact a special day. We were barreling down the highway engulfed with joy because a close relative was getting married. Emotion makes us feel special - almost as if the whole world revolves around us. Imagine you are here with me. Look out your window and see another driver, and take a moment to imagine their life, and what emotions they are experiencing. What are the thinking about? What are they dreaming about? Perhaps it’s longing for loved one, relentlessly checking their watch, waiting for their shift to end so that they can once again hold that one who is dear. Or, perhaps they too are experiencing some feeling of happiness - should it be from the open road ahead of them or something else entirely. To them, those emotions are the world. So significant, so special.

Step back out, return to yourself. Nullify the perspective you now have, and begin viewing him instead objectively. You may begin to realize that no matter how special his world may be, ultimately all he is is a stranger barreling down the freeway transporting a truck full of goods to give to people with equally as objectively unimortaint lives. It begins to dawn on you that perhaps your world is not as special as it is to you, from your eyes. Perhaps, objectively, you too are just someone getting from point A to point B in a family sized sedan.

It’s a scary thought,